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The Wellman Group is a well established Auckland interior fitout, office fitout and Home Renovation company that believes in "Making Building Construction & Renovations Easy".

The Wellman Group is an experienced team of builders, interior designers and project managers who deliver all projects with integrity, efficiency and quality as well as finding practical solutions for all your interior fitout, commercial fitout, home renovation, demolition, labour hire, building reports, interior office design & refurbishment throughout Auckland. We build anything from Mancaves to Mansions. CONTACT US

Why people choose us as their building Company:

Builders with Exceptional Client Service
Client focused project management from concept to completion

Builders with Integrity and Quality
Our building construction knowledge and expertise delivers the highest quality of workmanship across every aspect of your building construction or renovation project

Building Contractors with Decades of Experience
Our experience enables us to find cost effective solutions for your building project. Many times we have saved clients thousands of dollars by identifying better ways to build

Professional building services, office fitout, interior design, building construction, planning and project management for:

  • Design and Build - New Home Builders
  • Residential Building - Home Renovation and Alterations
  • Commercial Building - Office design, Refurbishment, Re-Instatement, Commercial & Interior Fitout,Educational Institutions, Medical Facilities
  • Shop Fitout - Fitout and Property Refurbishment
  • Building Reports and Inspection
  • Property Services

“Why you should hire a building company?” That is the first question that comes in your mind if you are planning to build an establishment. First, you can save time. There are many structural choices that need to be considered, so it is vital that a team understands your wants and needs to get the desired result. Otherwise, you will spend your time on testing on each of the choices, since you are not yet aware of the outcome. Second, you will get the understanding of the entire construction process. Sometimes, you want something, but you really don’t know what you exactly need. A building company has a team of experts that will meet your needs at the same time, your budget.

They will become your advocate. You can communicate with your contractor well, which will enable you to verify that your project has been carried out properly. All the projects will be delivered with efficiency, integrity, and quality without compromising your budget. If you want to save more, from professional building services and office fitout to interior design and building construction, you should use discount codes. All of them can be achieved at a reasonable cost. You will probably save a lot!

If your place looks like a bachelor pad, and you recently got married then a major renovation is in order. Your place should be able to accommodate your new status and make your spouse be able to feel comfortable and at home. And after the wedding, the time will come when you will start to think about having kids. This also involves renovating your home and making it child-proof, which is necessary. Home renovation can be very stressful because there will be several people that will work on your home and not to mention, the expenses that you have to pay for. The renovation may involve tearing walls, changing wallpapers, painting the walls, adding furniture, and interior designing. But with the help of discount codes that our company offers, you can save as much as 30% from the original amount of your bill. You can contact us regarding this discount.

As we all know, renovation requires a large sum of money. However, there are other ways in cutting your expenses to renovate your home or office.

  • Get free advice and planning tool.
  • Hire moonlighters.
  • Hire students during the break because surely there are lots of students that want to apply their degree.
  • You can also buy overstocked or discontinued building materials.
  • For completing small jobs, you should use remnant materials.
  • Schedule renovations during the off-season because large companies offer less expensive contracts or coupon codes to their clients.

With this tips in mind, you also need to remember that you should not compensate the quality of your renovation project just to reduce your expenses. It is still better to know that you will get the results you want without compromising anything, especially the quality of the materials that will be used.

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The Wellman Group team has extensive experience in building construction, demolition, interior fitout, Home Renovation and house building project management within both the residential and commercial sectors.CONTACT US to see how we can help you with your building construction, home renovation or office fitout. CONTACT US

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